crossing the finish...

there’s nothing like releasing that deep sigh of relief when you’ve finally triumphed and released that project you’ve been working on and altering for years. i can only imagine what that feels like, because i can’t relate. never had that feeling. as a serial procrastinator and harsh critic, my work rarely has a set of eyes on it other than my own. i’d like to blame my conflicting horoscopes (cancer + leo), as i am a cusp-baby and was born on the day those two signs share. i’m a mess, handcrafted by the cosmos.

i created this website with plans for it to be a home for all of my creative endeavors. this has been a challenge so far because i’ve been keeping it to myself. just like Drake, i wasn’t hiding my work from the world, i was hiding the world from my work. 


from now until i post the first issue of the zine, i’ll be adding new stuff everyday, whether it’s on the social (go and follow!) or here on the site.

this is level zero and it’s only up from here!