BEYONCÉ x JAY-Z: 10 Year Anniversary - Is It Time For That Joint Album?

BEYONCÉ x JAY-Z: 10 Year Anniversary - Is It Time For That Joint Album?

Both Beyoncé and JAY-Z have masterfully reinvented the album roll-out. JAY-Z strategically gets his albums into the hands of as many music fans as possible. His last two solo releases, Magna Carta Holy Grail and the majorly Grammy snubbed 4:44, went platinum on their first week of releases due to some pretty slick marketing moves.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé will simply drop her album without warning, leaving you wigless, edgeless, breathless and 100% gathered. The anticipation for Beyoncé's debut is sky high and it has everyone wondering (or in the Beyhive's case, panicking) if new music is closer than we think. 

Music's First Couple is celebrating ten years of marriage today and through all of their trials and tribulations, they have remained on top and almost unscathed by the general public who crave even a whiff of gossip about the couple.

Both sides of the coin have been heard from Beyoncé and JAY-Z's most recent efforts, so it could be interesting to hear what the two have to say face-to-face on the same album. Before the On The Run Tour kicked off in 2015, an accompanying trailer, for what looked like to be the most badass movie ever created, starring Don Cheadle, Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Jake Gyllenhaal and a handful of other stars, dropped right before the tour announcement.

When that "COMING NEVER" hit the screen, Emmy Rossum might as well have used one of those rubber bullets aimed at Bey to be directed towards my heart. Talk about the biggest let down of all time!

With ten years of wedded bliss ( under their belts, this could be the musical bomb they've been waiting to drop on us. What I think we're about to get is a musical immersion experience like we've never seen.