SLEPT ON: Steven A. Clark

In an alternate universe where The Weeknd and Frank Ocean had a son who recorded R&B/indie-pop dance beats, laced with 80's synth and a little heartbreak, we'd be looking at Steven A. Clark.

He hasn't released any of his own material since 2015, which was the album The Lonely Roller. The album didn't have a ton of commercial success, but it did earn him his most successful single to date, 'Can't Have'.

And no. Not the Pitbull song. We'll get to that in a second.

With the mild success of 'Can't Have', he was picking up some steam, but still flying under the radar. Just enough so that he could be scooped without anyone noticing. For those of us who were waiting for his star to rise, we thought his day was finally up when a remix of the track was sniffed out by Pitbull. Whatever you may think about Mr. 305, he stays on the radio and a cosign from him could be worth something.

Pitbull put his stink on it with an homage to his city of Miami and gave us this tragic mess of a single, which later appeared on his album, Climate Change. It didn't stop there. Clark even joined Pitbull on stage for his New Year's Revolution in 2016.


Recently, Clark seemed to be tweeting about his next album, which is to have production from Boys Noise.

If he's ready, then so are we!