I'm Not Abandoning Kanye...Yet

I'm Not Abandoning Kanye...Yet


Kanye West fans are tired. So, so tired. The tweets, the interviews, it all feels like a joke, except who is the butt of this joke? The fans or Kanye?

Regardless of what's going on with 'Ye and how conflicted fans feel, I'm compelled to listen to what he has to say in his music. Maybe he'll drop a fire album and surprise fans with new insight into his madness. Or it could very well be more of the same mess he has been spewing the last few weeks.

The interview Kanye did with Charlamagne The God was an honest dialogue that helped us understand a little more about what's taking place in his world and where his head is at. Kanye came clean about being hurt by JAY-Z and Beyoncé for skipping his wedding. Understandable, but if Kim Kardashian thought Beyoncé had any intention of entertaining them with her presence, she was highly mistaken. He also answered to the crime of slandering Beyoncé in a 20 minute rant while on stage in Sacramento during the Saint Pablo Tour.

Charlamagne reminds Kanye, "I remember you said you was upset because Beyoncé said she refused to perform at the VMA's unless she won the award...", referring to her sweep at the 2016 VMA's. Kanye responded with, "Now, I don't know if that's true...".

From the Trump support to claiming that slavery seemed like "a choice" to lying on Beyoncé, that should be enough to erase Yeezy from my streaming catalog, because even listening to his old music right now causes me to feel like I'm supporting his behavior.

Two new albums are on the horizon from Mr. West. His next solo album, supposedly titled 'LOVE EVERYONE', will be released on June 1, while his collaboration album with Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghost, will follow on June 8 and will be released under their new group of the same name.

I love Kid Cudi and have since his first album. I can't let Kanye's clownery stop me from supporting an artist who, unfortunately, will find himself wrapped up in the mess to come. Cudi has been keeping his mouth shut about the whole thing because anyone aligning themselves with Kanye right now feel the effects of the fury he's caused. Chance The Rapper found out with a quickness and had an apology drafted up in no time.

If he wanted all eyes on him, he's succeeded, but many fans see the cliff he's sprinting towards and aren't to keen on following him over it. Unless it's Trump. Kanye can take him with him.

A lot is riding on this new music and before I scratch him off my list completely, I can't count out these upcoming projects. I'm gonna let him finish.