Days Away From The 'On The Run II' Tour And NADA!

Days Away From The 'On The Run II' Tour And NADA!

Things have been fairly quiet over in The Carter's corner. At the time of this post we are four days away from Beyoncé and JAY-Z's 'On The Run' Tour. Kicking off in the UK on June 6, Mr. and Mrs. Carter don't seem to be too concerned with giving us any kind of a preview before the tour begins.

After announcing the tour back in March, fans have speculated about the rumored collab album or if we are getting any new music whatsoever prior to the tour's start. This isn't the first time we've been through this. Beyoncé told us to dance to this old shit when she began The Mrs. Carter Show without any new music other than 'Grown Woman' and there wasn't a damn thing we could do about it. This time, both Beyoncé and JAY-Z have each completed a tour with their most recent solo projects. I've already deposited my coins into The Carter's bank account for this go around, but I must say that without ANY new material, the combining of their past tours might feel a bit redundant. Even DJ Khaled and Chloe x Halle are returning as openers.

Fresh off Beychella, Beyoncé gave us a completely new show that left everyone with extremely high expectations for OTRII. No new music was performed, but everything was so reworked that it almost felt new. I don't doubt that the combined genius of music's First Couple will have everyone shook, but the fear that comes with a sequel is still very much there.

The lack of information definitely has some fans feeling a way about what to expect, which is normal when you go into anything blind. It'd be naïve to say that hype around this tour has faded since the announcement. At this moment, we're essentially going to see their albums face off and further the conversation about Jay's infidelity, we really need? We've heard both sides, there seems to have been closure and healing, what else do we need other than new music? Yes, Bey & Jay, I will be dancing and singing to your old shit, but this level of secrecy around the tour better yield something that we never saw coming.

If you haven't purchased tickets for the show yet, get them here!